Past Life work: You couldn’t make it up!

I am passionate about past life work, and the enormous amount of insight and wisdom, healing and closure that can come from finding – and resolving –  the real root cause of an issue that has been nagging for months or years. From my own experience over many years, I know how powerful it can be, and even the most dubious of clients have been astonished by the richness of their journey. All their senses are engaged: not only do they hear and see what is going on, they taste, smell and touch what is around them, be it a dank dungeon or an exotic marketplace; a sinking ship or a dusty desert.

sunset with silhouette manPeople sometimes say to me, “Jude, these past lives, the clients just make them up,” and my reply goes something like this: Why would a successful businessman make up a life in which he is a 10-year old boy, back in the Middle Ages. His father is a tenant farmer, there has been a very bad harvest, so no work and no food. His father has gone away to try and find work and food, leaving the boy to look after his mother and a young baby. The mother becomes ill through hunger. The boy goes to the barn of the lord of the manor and steals a handful of potatoes to try and help his mother. he is caught, and hanged from a branch of the nearest tree. Aged ten.
Not very glamorous, is it? Doesn’t do much for the career prospects or the ego, does it? Not something you would boast about at the bar …

Or the woman who ran her own business who found a young girl way back in time in a tribe somewhere in middle Europe. She was dressed in a white frock and had a garland of flowers in her hair – and then she understood why: she was to be the victim of a barbaric – and incredibly painful – ritual in which her own mother took a leading role. Hardly Cleopatra’s handmaiden, or brave general leading his troops to victory.

Or the young man who found  a young lady who worked as a chambermaid in a stately country home in pre-war England. She became pregnant, and was thrown out – not good for the image, don’t you know. She went to London and ended up as a prostitute, even though she was five months pregnant. This young lady was beaten up in one of London’s seedy back streets, lost her baby and died from the subsequent infection. How would a nice young man – very much of the modern generation – know how much a prostitute charged before the war – and what the client got for that (in the common vernacular!)? Again, he is hardly going to boast about that to his mates, is he?

It is my belief that we have all been men and women, good and not-so-good. The life (or lives) that the client is led to in a session is the one that is most relevant to the issues they are working on in the here and now. And always, without fail, the experience is one they don’t forget.

If you would like to experience past life regression, call me on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512, or email me on: .

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


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