You can lead a horse to water ….

Sometimes – occasionally – I see a client who wants to find a “cure” but is not willing to face the issues, to follow that piece of string all the way and get the real root cause out of his / her system.

While I completely respect the wishes of any client who reaches a line, looks beyond and does not feel able to go on, I find it professionally frustrating as I feel sure the outcome would be highly beneficial. As I have often said, “you’ve got to get it out of your system, because if it is not out of your system it is in your system, and it will manifest as a physical condition of some kind at some time.” And that applies whatever the “it” may be.
With a recent client, the underlying issue was something that happened decades before, and the client did not feel able to forgive herself, even now. She had so effectively locked down her emotions that she was not going to release them for anything – not even to relieve the nagging symptoms that had brought her to me in the first place!

We found a compromise solution, a half-way house that – to me – was what I call a “sticking plaster” rather than cleansing the wound and allowing it to heal. But sometimes, the best a therapist can do is to lead a horse to the cool, refreshing water and invite it to drink ….

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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.