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SUNDAY 16th MARCH         10am – 1pm            £20

Clover Court, Church Road, Haywards Heath  RH16 3UF

Past lives can impact your life today in many ways – health, money, relationships and more . . .

Soul groups travel through many lifetimes together – who’s in yours?

Déjà vu, recurring dreams, instant attractions, irrational phobias, persistent physical ailments . . . the answers could well in another lifetime!

In my many years of working with clients, I have come to understand just how many issues can be traced back to past lives. Find that root cause and so often it brings valuable insights as well as resolving the problems.

In a small group we’ll explore and discuss key issues that impact our lives in more ways than we may think – and who knows what you’ll uncover!

If you’d like to come along, email me through the form on this site or call me on 07597 020 512.