It never surprises me when the root cause of an issue is traced back to a past life.
My studies, my research and my own experiences all tell me how common this is.
It applies across a wide range of┬áscenarios – health, money and relationship issues as well as fears and phobias.

Just recently I had a client whose prime concern was that she was holding on to excess weight. As a separate issue, she explained that she always had problems with relationships with men: they were always in some way abusive and she ended up feeling used.

In the first session we cleared some spirit energies that had been having a negative influence on her. In the second session we did some very emotional soul re-integration work. And we found a past life in which she had been stoned to death because she was a ‘witch’ – a healer woman who worked with herbs. In that life, she had felt like an outsider, different from the rest, and had preferred to stay single all of her short life.

In the third session, we explored another past life, with the specific request that we should find the life that was most relevant for her issues with men. And, as always, the unconscious guided us to exactly the right life. In that lifetime, the client was a young black slave on a plantation owned by white people. Because she was young and beautiful – and in no position to fight back – she was repeatedly used and abused by the white overseer. Whenever she had a child, it was taken away. At one stage I asked the slave girl to move forward to the next important event in her life. She told me the overseer had been killed in an accident. When I asked how she felt, she said she was relieved that there would be no more suffering.

Moving her forward to the end of her life, I asked how she felt, looking back over the life she had just lived. Not surprisingly, she said she was angry, bitter, resentful . . . it was a wasted life, there had been so much hurt and pain. And the passing thought – the emotion she felt as she passed from that life – was “never again”, which was exactly the phrase the client in this life had used during the soul re-integration work. It was that highly-charged “never again” that had been carried forward to this lifetime.

And, of course, she had built up layers of protection against such use and abuse – by putting on weight and not letting it go. We talked to the excess weight and made a contract with it – if she kept her side of the bargain and did what she needed to do, then the weight would go, even though it was hard to let go after so long.

The two issues of obesity and relationships with men were inter-linked, and by finding the real root cause of one, we were able to resolve both. Interestingly the client – of black origin – said that she had never dated white men: now she knew why!

Who she was then directly influenced who she is now.

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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.