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I have been looking at various places around South London to see if I can find a suitable space to work from there. Along my journey I have met some really nice people and seen a diverse cross-section of clinics.
What occurred to me as I sat on the train from Clapham Junction – England’s busiest station, as signs reminds us – and left an urban skyline behind me, opening into the open spaces, woodland and green fields of Haywards Heath in West Sussex just 35 or 40 minutes later, was that Sussex is probably a nicer, gentler place in which to work with clients.

I have visited clinics that are “minimalist” (to put it politely), where “treatment rooms” are no more than tiny, dark cubicles with no natural light and that caused my slight claustrophobia to stir deep inside.
I have seen rooms with terribly trendy chairs that obese clients certainly would not feel safe on.
I have seen clinics where clients would have to walk up flights of narrow stairs to reach reception, then tackle even more stairs to reach a treatment room.

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 4.40.32 PMAs the train crossed the lovely historic viaduct at Balcombe, north of Haywards Heath, I thought about
Vinings Natural Health Centre, my “home base”. The treatment rooms there are light and bright, with windows letting natural light stream in. They are large enough for a couch and a couple of comfortable chairs, as well as a desk and chair for the therapist. Outside there is free parking for clients, hanging baskets overflowing with real flowers, lawns and fresh air.

It has been there for some 30 years, a place of natural healing for the local community. You can imagine howScreen shot 2015-04-24 at 4.26.47 PM lovely the energy is there! Already I have several clients who enjoy the journey out of London to come and see me – they all love the environment and the “feel” of the place. And as some of them say, “it takes no longer to reach you here than it would going across London.”

I shall continue to search for just the right place but, in the meantime, I would love to welcome you to the green, relaxing surroundings of Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

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