What’s Weighing you Down talk at the College of Psychic Studies – it went well!

what's weighing you down, College notice boardOn Tuesday 7th October, I gave a talk at the College of Psychic Studies on the theme of “What’s Weighing You Down?” It was the first time I have worked at the College, a prestigious institution that has a history stretching back for well over a century. The beautiful property in South Kensington was acquired in 1925 and ever since then it has been used for research into and practice of all things spiritual.

There were 20 people in the audience and we had a lovely evening talking about all sorts of things like the way in which past-life traumas affect this-life issues; how releasing spirit “passengers” with a sweet tooth  could get rid of a craving for such foods.

I worked with individual clients on that day and on the day after, and that was really interesting too.

On Sunday 19th October I am leading an all-day workshop on Past Lives, in-between Life and Soul Groups. I asked that numbers be limited to 12 – and it’s already sold out! I am really looking forward to it – it will be a fascinating day!

And how lovely it was to see my photo up there with all the other practitioners and workshop leaders too!

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