I am currently compiling some testimonials from clients who have been to see me for issues ranging from constant, nagging pain to obesity. Listening to these people and reading their emails makes me smile. Not only because I am delighted that I have helped them, but because of some of the phrases they use.

One lady who came to see me because she had been suffering for years with debilitating back pain, wrote:”I have used the relaxation disc you gave me most days and I have gained great benefit from it. ”
This is from a lady who had never experienced hypnotherapy before and was quite skeptical of the whole process but who, after the first session, said she was very relaxed and yes, the pain decreased with each session, allowing her to enjoy walking for several hours around a large shopping centre without having to take a pain killer or sit down for a rest.

Another young lady, who came to see me in order to have a hypnotic gastric band fitted, giggled with delight after each session. “That was weird, really weird,” she would say – “but it works!” In her first session, a spirit “passenger” was released – and immediately after that, the client lost her cravings for cakes and biscuits. In the second session we explored a past life in which she had died hungry. Following that, her obsession with food faded, and she began having healthy, salad lunches. And when the hypnotic gastric band had been fitted, she immediately began to lose weight at a steady, healthy rate.

With another lady, who came to see me initially because she was seriously overweight, we did a lot of work on “peeling the emotional onion” and re-discovering her true self, building up her inner strength. We uncovered and resolved a number of deep-seated emotional issues which lightened her load enormously. Her comment was, “I’ve had counselling in the past, Jude, but it was nothing like the work you do!” She went on, “the counselling I’ve had before seemed to go round in circles – with you, we’ve sorted out the problem and I feel so much better!”

Now that’s what I like to hear!

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