One of the many things I love about working with the unconscious is the enormous range of issues that can be tackled, helping people to move on with their lives.

Constant, nagging pain must be one of the most debilitating disorders to have – and hypnosis has a range of ways to help counter that.

A lady came to see me recently as a referral from another therapist. Due to a back condition, she has almost constant pain in her lower back. This lovely lady was at least three-scroe-years and ten, and otherwise in very good health. She was skeptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis but open-minded enough to give it a go – good for her!

After the first session, she declared she felt incredibly relaxed – which, in turn, eased the pressure on her back and so relieved the pain. In the second session I “turned down the pain” to half the usual setting. I issued new instructions to the control centre in the spine and the one in the brain. At the third session, the lady was positively beaming. She told me that she and her husband had been to one of the large shopping centres the day before, and that she had walked round for more than two hours without any pain. “Even now I can only just feel it” she said.

So in that session, I turned off the pain. Clearly in the instructions there were caveats – after all, pain is usually a warning that there is something wrong, so we don’t want to cut it off completely. But for the affected area, in all normal circumstances, let’s turn off the pain.

Did it work? Watch this space!

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