Past Lives Workshop at the College of Psychic Studies – it was great!

college of psychic studiesOn Sunday 19th October I led a workshop on Past Lives, In-between Lives and Soul Groups at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and what a lovely bunch of ladies turned up to share the day! One had flown in from Zurich especially for the occasion and another from Copenhagen – I was flattered!

The time flew! We started by talking about the concept of reincarnation and its acceptance or otherwise across cultures and through history. Onto some interesting case studies, and how past lives for healing can be very powerful. Then onto the so-called Bardo states, the life between lives, where the soul has some “R&R”, re-connects with its soul group and goes through a loving debrief before, at some stage, deciding on the parameters for its next “posting” or incarnation. And we talked about soul groups, groups of souls who travel through lifetimes together – although it’s not all life and light!


After a quick lunch we re-assembled and everyone settled down for a groupsunset with silhouette man regression. There was just one who fell fast asleep and snored throughout – there’s always one! Everyone else went on extraordinary individual journeys and brought back amazing tales of past lives that gave them valuable insights into situations and challenges they are facing in this lifetime.

All in all, a very full day and one that everyone seemed to enjoy (even the snorer in the corner!).

Note to self – must do another one of those soon!


I read with great interest in my newspaper of choice – the lovely “i”, little sister of the Independent – that the Vatican has formally recognised a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who “liberate the faithful from demons”. The Congregation for Clergy approved the International Association of Exorcists.

There are several important points I’d like to make about this short snippet of news:

First, when I work with my clients, religion does not enter into it. I don’t ask what, if any, religion my clients follow, it’s irrelevant. I freely admit that my work has distinct spiritual overtones, and I do work “intuitively”, with more than a little guidance from my unseen helpers.
But given the rigid dogma of the Catholic church and their denial of the existence of exorcists in the past, this announcement is a major shift, and means that all those priests who have been helping their parishoners can now do so openly instead of covertly.

Secondly, the phraseology of the announcement is very dramatic, isn’t it. The priests “liberate the faithful from demons” and there is an International Association of Exorcists. I don’t know if this Association has just been created for the priests or if it has been going for a long time and is only now being recognised. In any event, it acknowledges first of all the presence of “demons” (I’ll come back to that) and the fact that they can be “exorcised” – exactly as that great healer Jesus did many times, according to the Bible.

Sadly the term “Exorcist” now conjures up images from the horror movie and puts people off the whole idea even more when actually it is all perfectly natural and can be dealt with very gently and easily.

When I was learning spirit release techniques, I clearly remember my mentor telling me that some 95% of people shopping in any given supermarket at any given time would have a couple of spirit “passengers”. I was amazed, as I had not realised how commonplace they were. But my own experience bears it out – at least 95% of clients that I work with have got at least a couple of “passengers”, and last year, within one month, I dealt with two clients who each had more than a dozen.

They are not all “demons” if by demons we mean evil beasties with pointy ears and a long tail. Spirit passengers are merely lost souls, spirits who for various reasons have not made the crossing from this physical world into the next realm of energy. Most commonly this is when there has not been a period when the person in the physical body has been preparing for his / her passing. When the person dies suddenly – in a car crash, perhaps or a bomb explosion or a shooting – the soul hasn’t packed its suitcase, it’s not sure where to go, it’s lost, and it will look around for another place to go. That place will be the energy field (or aura) of someone with similar or welcoming energy. Most of the time, the spirit will curl up and sleep peacefully, but sometimes it can make its presence felt – and this is when it is time to move it on.

It does not need elaborate ceremonies or hours of ritual, just a conversation, an understanding, a bit of negotiation and a smooth passage.

Would I call that “exorcising a demon”? No, not at all. I would call it getting to the root cause of an issue, dealing with it and allowing my client to move on with his / her life. All in a day’s work.

I have had some interesting cases recently, you can read them in individual posts and see for yourself the wide variety of issues that can be traced back to spirit “passengers”. If you’d like to know more; if you “haven’t been feeling quite yourself recently” or if you feel that you don’t like the person you’ve become – give me a call on 07597 020 512.


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I deal primarily with clients who have serious weight issues. Some are seriously obese, some have been refused bariatric surgery – and they all have problems with food.

One of the challenges for clients who have worked with me is the way their eating habits change. They don’t want so much food, they lose their cravings for “bad” foods and they have a renewed sense of their own worth and who they really are.

Listen to these clips of clients who have gone through this process and experienced these life changes for themselves.

“Trish” loses her craving for chocolate

“Trish” on portion size

“Trish” changes her eating habits


A regular feature of the work that I have been doing recently is the appearance of “Spirit Passengers” and it is an area that deserves more explanation.

Some people call them “Entities” or “Attachments”. Both terms smack of heap bad medicine, wax dolls and the like. I do not work with heap bad medicine or wax dolls, I work with love and compassion, intuition and a guiding hand from my unseen helpers.

This has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs, and everything to do with spirituality and the Universal Laws. The outline is as follows: when the physical body dies, the spirit lives on. When it leaves the body, it should “go to the light” – whatever that means for the client concerned: generally this will mean a variation on the theme of heaven or “going home”.
Sometimes, especially when the death has been sudden, unexpected or traumatic, the spirit may become disoriented and not know how to find its way to the light. When this happens, it looks for somewhere to go – and will be attracted by the aura or energy field of someone in the vicinity.
Most of the time, the incoming spirit will settle down quietly like a little dormouse in a teapot. Sometimes, however – especially if the spirit had had a strong character in its recent incarnation – it may begin to affect its new host. This can show in changes of mood or attitudes; the host may become more depressed or aggressive, perhaps drinking or smoking,

Checking for such “passengers” is a standard part of the initial work I do with a client’s unconscious. Once identified, negotiations begin to send the spirit “to the light”. This may be an easy process, the spirit being confused or even frightened; or it may take longer if the spirit is more obstinate. But it always results in the spirit going to the light, and invariably the client reports feeling lighter, or as though something has shifted.

As my teacher said all those years ago when I first started working in this area, “95% of the people pushing trolleys around the supermarket have a couple of spirit passengers, I just wish people would treat them as normal!”

If you would like to learn more, feel free to give me a call on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512: I look forward to hearing from you.