Past Lives Workshop at the College of Psychic Studies – it was great!

college of psychic studiesOn Sunday 19th October I led a workshop on Past Lives, In-between Lives and Soul Groups at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and what a lovely bunch of ladies turned up to share the day! One had flown in from Zurich especially for the occasion and another from Copenhagen – I was flattered!

The time flew! We started by talking about the concept of reincarnation and its acceptance or otherwise across cultures and through history. Onto some interesting case studies, and how past lives for healing can be very powerful. Then onto the so-called Bardo states, the life between lives, where the soul has some “R&R”, re-connects with its soul group and goes through a loving debrief before, at some stage, deciding on the parameters for its next “posting” or incarnation. And we talked about soul groups, groups of souls who travel through lifetimes together – although it’s not all life and light!


After a quick lunch we re-assembled and everyone settled down for a groupsunset with silhouette man regression. There was just one who fell fast asleep and snored throughout – there’s always one! Everyone else went on extraordinary individual journeys and brought back amazing tales of past lives that gave them valuable insights into situations and challenges they are facing in this lifetime.

All in all, a very full day and one that everyone seemed to enjoy (even the snorer in the corner!).

Note to self – must do another one of those soon!