The gods smiled. The weather was fine – in fact, I had to scrape ice off the windows of my car last Sunday before the “What’s Weighing You Down?” half-day workshop at Vinings in Haywards Heath, here in West Sussex.

One of the people there was a current client of mine, a young lady who asked if she could share her experiences of having had a couple of sessions with me. She told the group that she had been quite skeptical about concepts such as spirit passengers and past lives, and did not think that she would “go under” into a deep state of relaxation. In the first session, a spirit passenger was found and released, and the young lady showed exactly where it had been lodged – at the back of her neck and across her shoulders. She explained the immediate effect it had had on her: physically she felt lighter and, to her delight, she found she was no longer craving chocolate, cakes and biscuits. In the second session, we explored a past life and she shared brief details of Sarah, a young lady who had a very hard life in the 18th century, and who never had enough to eat. She died young, having lost her husband to an unknown illness, feeling outcast, alone – and hungry.

In the next session we will go back to the various years in which there were traumas (the client’s unconscious told which years these were during the first session) and we will do what the Shamanic tradition calls Soul Retrieval. Rather than the fabulous but rather long and noisy chanting, drumming and trance-like dancing, my clients work while in a deep state of hypnotic relaxation. We regress to those various ages, find the (say) 4-year old, 13-year old, 28-year old and so on, let her express how she is feeling at that time, and then “bring her home”. It is always an emotional process, but one which brings closure and a feeling of “wholeness” once it is over.

It was quite a revelation to the others in the group that normal, everyday people could and did have these experiences, and that they could make such an immediate and profound difference.

We discussed the various emotional reasons why people hold onto weight, and it was interesting to hear one of the group, a lady who has run a support group for obese people for more than 10 years, confirm my belief that emotional traumas are behind the vast majority of extra pounds and kilos being held onto by overweight people. ¬†We talked about bariatric surgery – gastric banding and gastric bypass – and how neither of these procedures take any account of the underlying emotional causes that people hold onto weight: no wonder these operations don’t work for everyone.

I shared some of the official NHS facts and figures about these surgical procedures. There is a 1 in 200 chance of dying following a gastric band operation, and a 1 in 100 chance following gastric bypass surgery. The risk of any sort of complication after a gastric band operation is around 1 in 10, and that rises to 1 in 5 after gastric bypass surgery.

Given those odds, a hypnotic gastric band doesn’t seem such a bad bet after all, does it? I explained how the process works using hypnosis, and just how effective it can be. In fact, not everyone who come to me for a hypnotic gastric band ends up having one fitted. By the time we have “peeled the onion” and explored those underlying emotional reasons for holding on to excess weight, the body very often sorts itself out at every level. The client will say things such as “I feel so much better in myself” or “I’ve remembered who I am, I’m not so lost now” or “Something has shifted, I can’t say what it is, but I feel more in control of my life now”.
And nothing pleases me more than that!

I will be holding some more “What’s Weighing You Down?” half-day workshops in the next few months.
If you have a group and would like me to come to you – I’d be delighted!
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