Spirit Release conquers Gambling Addiction – what are the odds of that?

Spirit Release Work

One of the reasons I chose hypnotherapy all those years ago was that it could be successfully used across such a wide range of issues, and it was much quicker and more direct at finding the root cause of an issue than some other modalities.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 5.52.07 PMAt that time I did not realise just how much more effective it would be with the added power of past life and spirit release work. Let me give you one example, of a young man in his mid-20s who came to see me. He was lovely, charming, a ray of sunshine, but there was a dullness about him. He explained that, on his 18th birthday, he had gone into a local betting shop, just because he could. Somehow, he had become hooked on gambling – and nowadays, as he said, he didn’t even need to go into a betting shop: it was all done on his mobile phone. He was gambling up to £500 a week, hiding it from his mother and his girlfriend and, as he said, because he was lying about it, he couldn’t even cash in and share the big win he’d had a couple of months before he came to see me!

He had tried counselling before, and it had been effective for a short while, but he had drifted back and now really wanted to kick the habit. He did not feel that counselling was strong enough to help him do that. Someone had suggested hypnotherapy, and he found his way to me. Like most new clients, he was a bit wary when I explained about past lives and spirit “passengers” and soul retrieval but, as some level, it all made sense to him, and said he was willing to give it a go.

In the first session we found some spirit “passengers” and had them escorted to the light where they belonged. We had also ascertained that we needed to check a past life, and we had a list of the years to look at for soul retrieval.

When he returned for the next session, the young man looked brighter. I asked how he had been and his reply was really interesting. “I have not felt the need to gamble since our last session,” he said, with a big smile on his face.

In that second session, we found a past life. It was not dramatic, or traumatic, as some of the lives I am guided to: on the contrary. The man we found was alone – and lonely – throughout his life, and felt that his life had been wasted, there was so much more he should have, could have done if only …. if only …. When I asked him what advice he would give to the young man on the couch, he immediately said, “make the most of your life. Make the most of your family. Don’t waste it as I have done.”

At the end of the session, the client was visibly moved by the experience: he had clearly taken on board the lessons of that other life.

He positively bounced into the room for his third and last session. “Well?” I asked. He looked puzzled. “Oh no, I haven’t even thought about it,” he said, “doesn’t even bother me any more.”

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 5.52.56 PMWith the client once more in a deep state of relaxation, we found and “brought home” the stray parts of the soul that had been left behind at times of trauma. Various emotions came out – confusion, anger, resentment … they were all left behind, and the soul fragments re-integrated. At the end of the session, the client said he felt each of the separate emotions in various parts of his body as the process was under way: a sensitive young man.

It was clear to both the client and to me that the root cause of his gambling had been a spirit “passenger”, probably picked up early on in one of the betting shops. To have such an immediate and positive result was certainly a surprise to the client – and with the money he had saved even in the three weeks that he had been coming to see me, he was able to take his girlfriend away for a lovely long weekend to celebrate!

“Danny” (not his real name) kindly agreed to record a testimonial – in this short clip he explains his experiences with the spirit release and past life sessions.

And here he explains how he felt about the work that we did together.

If you feel that you, or someone you know, could benefit from getting rid of an addictive habit, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:
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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Full House for Past Lives Talk at Chequer Mead

Well, OK, it was only a small room, but even so, I was delighted to see some brand new faces mingling with regular Indigos for my talk at Chequer Mead last week.

It was just two hours, so there was only time to skim across the surface of this vast, fascinating topic that is a passion of mine.

The good news is that I shall be arranging a full-day workshop, similar to the one I ran at the College of Psychic Studies last October, so that we can go into more detail about Past Lives, Life between Lives and Soul Groups. There will lots of case studies, including some recorded extracts, time for questions and discussions – and time too for a group regression, so everyone has the opportunity to experience a past life for themselves.

If you would like to put your name down for this workshop, please let me know. I am aiming at either June or September, depending on venue availability – so let me know which works best for you.

“Curing” obesity

There was an interesting article in my newspaper, the “i”, the other day. The headline read “Just eating less and exercising ‘won’t cure obesity’ “. That in itself made me smile – to me it is obvious, but the latest findings of an extensive study are clearly headline material!

The article quoted that reputable publication The Lancet. Experts from US universities agreed that, even after actively losing pounds, biological mechanisms kick in that make it extremely difficult for previously obese people to stay a healthy weight.

It went on to quote Dr Christoper Ochner, who is assistant professor of paediatrics and psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York. Dr Ochner said that, for those people with chronic obesity, “body weight seems to become biologically stamped-in and defended.”

He went on to say that few individuals ever truly recover from obesity, saying that rather they suffer from ‘obesity in remission’. “They are biologically very different from individuals of the same age, sex and body weight who were never obese.”

I think that is a really interesting phrase – “biologically stamped-in and defended” – and I agree. I would also agree that those who are obese (let’s say those who are holding on to excess weight) are very different from individuals who were never obese. And I suppose it is biological – but I would also suggest that there is more to it than that.

My own research and practical experience show that, frequently, there are very real underlying emotional reasons for people holding on to excess weight. It could be childhood abuse or bullying at school; it could be a broken relationship or even a pregnancy that was terminated. In all cases, the person concerned builds layers of protection or comfort – and no amount of eating less or exercising will shift that!

The approach I take is to uncover the real root causes: is it, perhaps, one of the reasons I mentioned above, or does it go back even further, to a past life? That is far more common that you would think. If someone has starved to death, and passed with the thought, “I’ll never go hungry again,” – that is a powerful statement to bring into the next life, albeit at an unconscious level. I have worked with several clients for whom that was exactly the scenario, and they find that they lose their obsessive craving for food when that past life trauma has been laid to rest. Or maybe there is a spirit passenger with a sweet tooth – that, too, is more common than most people think. Again, once the spirit passenger has been released, the craving for sweet foods seems to evaporate, allowing the person to change their eating habits.

And, of course, talking to that excess weight is very revealing – it knows what is role is, even if the person at a conscious level has forgotten or blocked out the root cause. Once we know exactly what the issue is, and have resolved that – at whatever level – then generally the excess weight is happy to go: its job is done, it is no longer needed.

So yes, body weight is “stamped-in and defended” – but not, I would suggest, in the way that the experts are stating. I would say that the “stamping-in” and “defending” is at a deep, unconscious level, and that it can be accessed and resolved, allowing people to let go of their excess weight and move on with their lives.

If you feel that you, or someone you know, would benefit from releasing that excess weight, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:
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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Hypnotherapy – how can it help you?

Most people nowadays understand that hypnotherapy can help  with giving up smoking, weight loss, bad habits such as fingernail biting, fears and phobias and so on.

But not so many realise that hypnotherapy can help with a much wider range of issues, as a couple of very recent case studies show.

In the first, the client was an energetic entrepreneur, who had built up a successful business. He accepted the usual high levels of stress that came with the job, but did not like the underlying anxiety that constantly nagged at him. He had sought help from conventional medical professionals who had prescribed pills, and from counsellors. Still the anxiety nagged. Hypnotherapy was the last resort and, whilst not downright cynical, the businessman was not overly confident.

Ideo-Motor Responses are the way in which the client’s unconscious communicates with the therapist. They indicated that the root cause of the anxiety was in a previous life. Further investigation uncovered that the client, in that previous lifetime, was incarcerated in an oubliette, a small, dank, underground cell with only rats and cockroaches for company. After several years in these dreadful circumstances, the man died a miserable death: enough, surely, to imprint the trauma in his soul for lifetimes to come.

When he came round from his session, he was astounded at the experience but could not deny the feeling of “lightness” as the cloud of anxiety lifted.

A lady in her mid-thirties had suffered from psoriasis for as long as she could remember. Far from growing out of it, it seemed to be getting worse, affecting not only her skin but also her head and hair. She, too, had gone through many conventional treatments, to no avail. She tried hypnotherapy in desperation. Ideo-Motor Responses took the therapist back to early childhood and abuse within the family. This was a very emotional insight for the client, whose unconscious had successfully blocked the incidents from her conscious memory. Once the root causes had been discovered and dealt with, and many tears had been shed, the client felt drained but happy. And sure enough, in a matter of a couple of weeks, the psoriasis was already clearing up with no sign of scarring – at any level.

So if you have a problem or issue that conventional medicine has not been able to help with – give me a call: hypnotherapy may well be able to help!

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If you feel that you, or someone you know, could benefit from my blend of hypnotherapy and past life regression, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:  judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Whatever the root cause of your phobia …

.. we’ll find it and set you free


and hypnotherapy can cut them all down to size!

We are all afraid of certain things and, in most cases, there are perfectly understandable reasons for those fears. A child who almost drowned when a big wave knocked her over the first time she went into the sea will probably not be very keen to repeat that experience, and that reluctance can develop into a fear of the sea or a more general fear of water. Ditto a child bitten by a dog.

A phobia is more extreme: it is an irrational or out-of-proportion fear of something. Some phobias can completely take over the life of the sufferer – an agoraphobic, for instance, feels huge anxiety about being in places or situations from which there is no escape, often translated into a fear of open or public places. This can lead people to live their lives unable to leave the security of their own homes.

I have just been re-reading Roger Woolger’s fabulous book “Other Lives, Other Selves” in which he talks about how common it is for all kinds of fears and phobias to be traced back to previous lifetimes. The same applies to behavioural traits and obsessions – very often the person is repeating patterns set in previous lives, be it addictions, abusive relationships or unhealthy eating habits.

The term “regression” simply means “going back” and it may be that the root cause of a particular issue can be found in very early childhood or indeed in the womb: this is especially common if an unborn baby / very young child picks up on the fact that they are not wanted, or perhaps they are a girl instead of a boy, or they are not perfect.

In many cases, however, tracing the root cause of the fear or phobia may lead us into a past life – or more than one. This should not be a cause for concern – the whole process is totally safe and secure, and leads to insights that help the client to understand the situation and resolve the outstanding issues.

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If you feel that you, or someone you know, could benefit from getting rid of an irrational fear or a phobia, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:  judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


It never surprises me when the root cause of an issue is traced back to a past life.
My studies, my research and my own experiences all tell me how common this is.
It applies across a wide range of scenarios – health, money and relationship issues as well as fears and phobias.

Just recently I had a client whose prime concern was that she was holding on to excess weight. As a separate issue, she explained that she always had problems with relationships with men: they were always in some way abusive and she ended up feeling used.

In the first session we cleared some spirit energies that had been having a negative influence on her. In the second session we did some very emotional soul re-integration work. And we found a past life in which she had been stoned to death because she was a ‘witch’ – a healer woman who worked with herbs. In that life, she had felt like an outsider, different from the rest, and had preferred to stay single all of her short life.

In the third session, we explored another past life, with the specific request that we should find the life that was most relevant for her issues with men. And, as always, the unconscious guided us to exactly the right life. In that lifetime, the client was a young black slave on a plantation owned by white people. Because she was young and beautiful – and in no position to fight back – she was repeatedly used and abused by the white overseer. Whenever she had a child, it was taken away. At one stage I asked the slave girl to move forward to the next important event in her life. She told me the overseer had been killed in an accident. When I asked how she felt, she said she was relieved that there would be no more suffering.

Moving her forward to the end of her life, I asked how she felt, looking back over the life she had just lived. Not surprisingly, she said she was angry, bitter, resentful . . . it was a wasted life, there had been so much hurt and pain. And the passing thought – the emotion she felt as she passed from that life – was “never again”, which was exactly the phrase the client in this life had used during the soul re-integration work. It was that highly-charged “never again” that had been carried forward to this lifetime.

And, of course, she had built up layers of protection against such use and abuse – by putting on weight and not letting it go. We talked to the excess weight and made a contract with it – if she kept her side of the bargain and did what she needed to do, then the weight would go, even though it was hard to let go after so long.

The two issues of obesity and relationships with men were inter-linked, and by finding the real root cause of one, we were able to resolve both. Interestingly the client – of black origin – said that she had never dated white men: now she knew why!

Who she was then directly influenced who she is now.

If you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from this kind of deep past life work, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:
judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


You can’t open the papers nowadays without reading about the national scandal that is obesity.

For me the scandal is not the rising levels of obesity but the total lack of focus on the underlying emotional reasons or other possible reasons why people hold onto excess weight.

In my (extensive) experience, peeling the emotional onion and finding out what is going on at the unconscious level, influencing behaviour, is just as relevant. Perhaps a past life trauma and a couple of spirit passengers too . . .

I’ve seen a few TV programmes recently where the subjects (or victims, perhaps) have pinpointed the time in their lives when they started to pile on weight – the death of a good friend, their parents’ messy divorce or whatever – and yet this is ignored. Why? We as individuals know our own bodies better than an outsider – we just need to learn to listen to and understand what it’s telling us.

Before you get drawn into the latest national scandal – take a gentler approach and get back in touch with the real you, the one that is in there trying to get out. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:  judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


The papers and magazines are full of the headlines, aren’t they – “New Year, New You” – just join the gym and buy the fashionable crop top and cut-offs; follow the new faddy diet and buy the juicer / shredder / cookery book; or buy the branded products that will help you achieve the figure the media say you should have.

But actually, rather than searching for a new you – wouldn’t you rather re-discover the real you? The one that has been buried under excess fat, or fears and phobias, or behaviour patterns that no longer serve you?

Wouldn’t it be much more fun to step into your own power, to find that fabulous person lurking inside?

Working from the outside in, peeling the emotional onion, we can uncover all those real reasons why you’re holding onto weight or the issues that are holding you back.

We might need to look at a past life, or some spirit passengers.
We might need to re-visit the life between lives, to remind you of your true life’s purpose . . .

So if you would rather find the old you, the real you, than looking for a new you – give me a call on 07597 020 512 or email me on:  judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

How could exploring a past life help you?

For many people, the idea that an issue that is troubling them in this lifetime may be traced back to a past life is a load of old …. rubbish.

But actually, past life traumas can have enormous influence on the here and now, as my recent work at the College of Psychic Studies clearly showed.

For instance, a lady with a fear of heights found a life where he was a young boy of 3 or 4 years old. His mother had specifically told him not to climb the big oak tree in the garden – but of course he did, and as he climbed along a high-up branch, he fell and broke his leg. No wonder there’s a fear of heights!

A lady was very reluctant to get behind the wheel even though she had passed her driving test and needed to drive. She found a past life as a bus driver who died as a result of a crash in his bus.

Another lady who in this life had a very complicated relationship with her father, and who was fearful of becoming pregnant found a past life where she was an 18-year old girl. The girl became pregnant, even though she was not married, and she ran away because she was so frightened that her father would find out. In her panic and running away, she fell into a rocky ravine and died.

The more work I do with Past Lives for Healing, the more I love it. Once we have found the relevant past life (and the unconscious always leads us to the most appropriate past life), we can achieve closure and that allows the client to move on, free from the fears, phobias or other issues.

If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from some healing past life work, get in touch. Call me on 07597 020 512 or email me on:
judy@effective-hypnotherapy.co.uk . I’m always happy to chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.