Creating new habits, new pathways, with the help of the unconscious

When I work with clients, I put them into a deep state of relaxation, and then I access their unconscious minds. I say to them that it is the part that looks after them, and knows everything about them. Which is true, it is the control centre, if you will, and my task is to trace back the real underlying root cause of an issue and resolve it at source.

Very often, a client comes to me with very set beliefs – “everyone does that, don’t they” or “I’m never going to get better” or “that’s just the way it is”.
Well, actually, no. What we think, becomes our reality, because when we constantly think in a certain way, we are creating a pattern that the unconscious takes as an instruction, and does its best to create whatever it may be. It’s called a neural pathway and, like any pathway, the more you tread it, the more pronounced and ingrained it becomes.
Those of you who drive will understand – when you start driving a car, it seemed impossible to keep your hands on the wheel, then put one hand on the gear stick, have your feet doing different things on the pedals without looking, while keeping your eyes on the road and in the mirror – right?
But eventually it all became totally natural, you didn’t have to think about it.
That’s how habits are formed – it takes around three weeks to re-programme the brain into a new way of doing something (that’s why in the bad old days, cigarette companies would say in their advertisements “give it 21 days”).

The unconscious loves imagery which is why so much of my work with clients who are in that state of relaxation is done through visualisation. I use this technique, for instance, when “fitting” a hypnotic gastric band, or when helping people to give up smoking. I use it when I explore traumas that have impacted on clients in this lifetime. When I am going through the process of what I call “cord cutting” – cutting away negative emotions – I actually use a large pair of scissors. The sound of cutting, combined with the strong suggestion that I am cutting away what is no longer needed, is very powerful for the unconscious.

I use similar visual techniques to help people literally shape a new version of themselves, or to “turn down” the level of nagging pain they may be suffering. Because the unconscious responds to such visual suggestions, it is highly effective.

It is all about creating a new pathway to change the habit, the reality, and sometimes I will do just that. I will set up a roadblock, a fallen tree across the road or a diversion sign so that the client has to take another route – which turns out to be a far better way to go. The unconscious accepts the instruction more readily with the added benefit of the visual aid.

The unconscious really does control our reality – but we have the power to create new pathways, new ways of thinking and, therefore, new ways of being!
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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath; The Practice Rooms in Hove and a lovely stand-alone treatment room in  Ifield (Crawley).

Giving up Smoking with Hypnotherapy

cigarette stubbed outHypnotherapy has a very good track record at helping people to give up smoking. In fact, if you ask the man (or woman!) in the street what hypnotherapy can be used for, “giving up smoking” would probably be up there in the top two or three answers. It’s a shame, really, that the NHS doesn’t acknowledge this, or recognise hypnotherapy as a valid alternative to patches or chewing gum or “vaping” – but that could be another article all in itself!

My approach to anyone who comes to me saying they want to give up smoking is, first of all, to ask a couple of questions. “Do you want to give up smoking'” and then, “do you REALLY want to give up smoking?” If the answer to the second question is anything on the spectrum of, “my wife says I should give up,” or “my new boyfriend says I smell like an ashtray,” then it could well be that the motivation is not yet strong enough.

But I also like to look deeper, to work from the inside out: let me give you an example. A lovely man came to see me a while back, saying he wanted to give up smoking. I could see that he was stressed, his hands trembled constantly and during our chat he admitted to having a fear of heights that was impacting on his work. I suggested that we should tackle these underlying issues before looking at him giving up smoking, and he agreed. After the first session,  dealing with some spirit “passengers”, his hands no longer trembled, and he said he felt more relaxed. The past life session uncovered two very different lives, both of which were directly linked to his fear of heights. Having resolved and healed those traumas, he positively bounced into the next session saying that not only had his fear of heights vanished, but his quality of sleep had improved enormously. The “soul retrieval” session gave a sense of “wholeness” and overall wellbeing that rounded the healing work off nicely. After that, giving up smoking was very easy!

In fact, when I checked in with him a few weeks later, he wrote me a very nice email to say, “I haven’t had a single cigarette since our session and don’t even think about smoking now, so many thanks for helping with that.”

Now to me, that’s the way to give up smoking!

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex,  and I am always very happy to have a chat about giving up smoking or any other aspect of my work. If you feel I can help you, please give me a call on 07597 020 512 or email me on: .

Stop Smoking: Talk at Vinings Natural Health Centre, Haywards Heath, on Sunday 19th April

The “home base” for my therapy work is Vinings Natural Health Centre, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
On Sunday 19th April, from 10am to 4pm, there is a Taster Day there, and some of the therapists will be giving short talks about aspects of their work.
I’m on at 10.30am, talking about how effective hypnotherapy is with clients who want to give up smoking, how it works and so on. Just last Saturday I met a lovely man and his wife and we talked about just that – he should give up, he knows his health is suffering, the doctor has told him to stop. And yet … and yet … he doesn’t really want to stop. He likes it. And all the time that is where he’s at, it won’t work. Shame.

If you can make it along to Vinings Natural Health Centre on Sunday 19th April, it would be great to see you. We are raising money for the lovely local hospice, St Peter & St James, so all donations are welcome!

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Giving up Smoking

It’s a long time since I worked with clients to help them stop smoking – like the proverbial Number 9 bus, there are none at all and then three turn up all at once!

male head glasses, smoking, eyes shutOne of the very first people I worked with, many years ago now, was my nephew who was then aged around 30 and was smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Apart from the damage to his lungs, his heart and his overall health and well-being, the sheer cost, the amount of money that was literally going up in smoke, amazed me.

He went from 50 to nothing in one session – “blimey, Aunty Jude, that was amazing!” is how he put it.

People want to stop smoking for various reasons, usually health and financial issues are close to the top of the list. I remember one man saying he had just become a grandfather and wanted to see his grandson grow up. Another man wanted to walk his newly-born daughter up the aisle, and didn’t want her seeing him growing old as a coughing, wheezing dad with no energy to play with her.

For others it is career-driven. It is no longer cool or smart to smoke, quite the opposite. It is widely perceived as being a dumb thing to do, a waste of money, something that has been clearly shown to have dire effects on health. So a smart, career-driven executive will no longer win promotion by blowing cigarette smoke in his / her boss’s face.

cigarette stubbed outHypnosis has a very good success rate with those who really want to give up smoking – but that is the
key, they must REALLY want to give up smoking. It should only take one session, perhaps with one more to drive the message home. It’s painless, non-invasive and cheaper than a dozen 20 packs of a typical brand.

If you would like to stop – if you would REALLY like to stop – give me a call on 07597 020 512, or email me on: .
I’m always happy to have a chat, totally free and totally confidential.

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and from The Practice Rooms in Hove, East Sussex.