Overload. Confusion. Fear. Anxiety. It can all be too much for your emotional system. If it feels like it might crash – support is needed!
Sessions with me don’t always involve hypnosis – although that can be a very useful way to uncover what is going on at an unconscious level.
Sometimes what is needed is time and space to download jumbled thoughts, to pick through them and sort out the gems from the rubbish that inevitably gets picked up along the way.
An experienced, active listener helps: someone who does not judge, who has no hidden agenda, who is not part of the friends & family circle.
My very first training was in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and over the years I have added many other techniques to my toolkit including what some call “talking therapy” but which is perhaps better described as “listening therapy” with some pertinent questions popped in at just the right moment to help the client find clarity, and come to conclusions.

Right now, with the strange cocktail of circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in, our emotional systems can easily overheat and go into overload. If you feel yours is about to crash – get some support now.
I offer Skype or phone sessions until face-to-face sessions are once more allowed. Give me a call for an initial chat – it’s totally free, and there is no commitment at all.  01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.