Obesity in the headlines again

Obesity issues

“If there were no large size clothes, women would have to slim down.”pear with tape measure, portrait

“Make obese people pay for their healthcare.”

“Just over 1/3 of all primary school children in Crawley are overweight.”

The headlines just go on and on, don’t they? And yet nobody seems to look at the true underlying reasons why a greater majority of the population as a whole is much fatter now than 50 years ago. It must all to do with fat people being lazy, eating too much, not doing enough exercise, eating too much rubbish food …. and yes, there is some truth in that. A healthy diet and exercise do Hamburgerhelp – but there is more to it than that, in my humble opinion.


I work with people who are seriously obese and those who just can’t shift those stubborn stones. Of course I ask them about their lifestyle, but I am much more interested in what is going with them emotionally – and inevitably there is a bucketful of reasons why these individuals have built up layers of emotional protection, usually around their middles. It could be abuse in childhood or bullying at school. It might be a traumatic break-up of a relationship or loss of a loved one. Perhaps there is a feeling that adding a layer of fat will help protect the person against further hurt, rejection or pain. By peeling the emotional onion, finding the real root causes – and resolving them – we allow the individual to move forward with more confidence.

The root cause may be traced back to a past life where that person has starved to death – this is more common than you may think. Once all of the suffering and trauma has been laid to rest back there, along with desperate final thoughts such as ;”I will never go hungry again,”  that obsession no longer exists in this lifetime – you can imagine what a difference that makes!


There is another aspect of the overweight problem which I find very interesting – and that is wheat. Yes, wheat. I have recently read Dr William Davis’ Book “Wheat Belly” and it explains in very easy-to-understand language just what chaos modern wheat is causing in our bodies.

I remember as a child growing up in rural Sussex seeing wheat growing in the fields – it stood tall and ripened naturally in the sunshine. That was “old” wheat, “real” wheat, descended from einkorn wheat which was later cultivated as Triticum aestivum, Dr Davis tells us. Demand for wheat, a staple grain in diets around the world, led scientists to start cross-breeding and genetically modifying different types of wheat to produce a grain that was resilient, quick-growing and so on. Trouble is, by crossing Wheat A with Wheat B, the result is not Wheat AB but something totally different – a genetic misfit that is causing multiple problems with our systems.

A cardiologist by profession, Dr Davis has conducted extensive research and comes up with the startling conclusion that it could well be one of the most common ingredients in our modern-day diet that is the root cause of obesity. Patients of his who gave up wheat reported remarkable results, not only weight loss but also huge improvements in conditions ranging from heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions and more. And don’t get him started on going gluten-free!

I have cut wheat from my diet – starting with all the obvious things such as bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, pies, quiches, pizza and so on. Stage Two is to look for wheat in other products, everything from sauces and stocks to drinks. It was much easier than I thought to cut it out – especially as this naughty modern wheat can literally create an addictive pattern in the brain, just life caffeine – and I shall be very interested to see what changes I notice as the weeks pass.

I would strongly recommend the book:  Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis, published by Thorson, available from Cygnus Books  –  www.cygnus-books.co.uk.