According to The Argus on Tuesday 4th March, Doctors treated seriously overweight people 9,258 times in a single year – a third more than the year before. This total includes those who need gastric bands and other weight loss surgery as well as those admitted to hospitals for weight-related problems such as a heart attack or diabetes. Obesity and associated problems costs the NHS in Sussex an estimated £460 million a year. In East and West Sussex, some 65% of adults are overweight or obese.

I work primarily with people who are overweight and obese. Working from the inside out, we uncover the root emotional reasons why the client is holding on to excess weight. Strange though it sounds, this may be tracked back to a previous life, or even to a spirit “passenger” with a sweet tooth.  Or it could be that excess weight is a form of comfort or protection – once the key emotional issues have been resolved, the excess weight is no longer needed and just falls away.

If appropriate, I will do a hypnotic gastric band operation. The risk of death following a gastric by-pass operation is 1 in 100, and following gastric band surgery the risk of death is 1 in 200. The hypnotic gastric band is safe, non-invasive and only costs £395.

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