STOPTOBER and E-CIGARETTES: what are you inhaling?

cigarette stubbed outSTOPTOBER – the initiative to encourage people to stop smoking for 28 days during October. Why 28 days? Because if you can stop for 4 weeks, you are five times more likely to quit for good.
I’ve been looking into this, because hypnotherapy has such a great track record at helping people to give up, without the need for potions, patches or poisons.
Lots of people think they are doing themselves a favour, or “cutting down” by switching from cigarettes to E-cigarettes. Do you know what’s actually in the e-liquid? It’s nicotine that has been extracted from tobacco, mixed with a base – usually propylene glycol – and flavourings, colourings and other chemicals. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? I first came across propylene glycol when I was researching ingredients in personal care products. It is commonly used in anti-freeze – yes, anti-freeze. Would you really want to inhale that? Higher voltage e-cigarettes also contain more formaldehyde, another known carcinogen. It is commonly found in building materials; paints & coatings; fertilisers and pesticides. Nice. One of the common flavourings is Diacetyl. This is a buttery-flavoured chemical often added to food such as popcorn, caramel and dairy products. It can cause a serious and irreversible lung disease commonly known as “popcorn lung”. Why it is still allowed to be added to food is beyond me, but would you really want to ingest that into your body?
If you are thinking of giving up smoking for October, why not give up for good – your good?
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