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Hi, Judy here from Effective-Hypnotherapy.
If you are currently a smoker and really want to give it up, I can help.

Smoking, as we know is a habit that does produce a number of health problems along with being expensive.
So why should you stop and why should you stop by using hypnotherapy? It’s a question I’m sure that many smokers have, but they key is you.

Provided you want to give up , then you’re ready to quit smoking and hypnotherapy will help you on your journey.

I’ll be honest. It’s not a magic cure, there is no wand to spin around your head three times or a magic lamp to rub and your wishes are  granted, but smoking cessation using the methods  I use are proven to work, and over many years.
As a specialist and highly trained hypnotherapist my ‘stop smoking treatment’ works.

Of course you will need more than one session and you may need to make some other lifestyle changes – but if you are genuinely sure  that smoking is no longer for you, then Effective-Hypnotherapy has a solution for you.


Before you read any further you are probably thinking – what makes Judy Sharp qualified to help me here is one of  my credentials. General Hypnotherapy Register – Judy Sharp Hypnotherapist

You’ll be surprised about how much better you feel and how much less smelly you are. Smoking really does have a big impact on your life and I can assure you that people will notice once you’ve quit.
The money you save can be earmarked for all sorts of things, things you’ll soon start enjoying. Importantly you really will start to enjoy life more, perhaps even have a spring in your step again.

Can you imagine leaving the house without having to worry about whether you have your fags with you or not. Honestly not having to tied to a packet of cigarettes is life changing.

  • The effective-hypnotherapy ‘quit smoking in 2017’ is great value when you think about
    the £2272  you’ll save over the next few years by not smoking.
  • The priceless gift of extending your life by who knows how long
  • The emotional satisfaction of being able to leave the house with a packet in your pocket.

I’ll provide you with three months of support so you finally stop for good you’ll benefit from

  • Audio downloads to top up when you are not seeing me.
  • Email and telephone support (by appointment).
  • Simple and easy pricing (paid by direct debit).

The cost my Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions is currently reduced to £277pm x 3 and will ensure you stop and never smoke again, well at least give you the best chance you’ve had.

Get in touch today to book your intensive “stop smoking” hypnotherapy sessions and start feeling better in days not weeks. I wan to make sure I can help you, so get in touch before you make payment. It’s important we can work with each other.

Click this link in the first instance, send me your details. Stop Smoking with Effective Hypnotherapy


Effective-Hypnotherapy is based at Vinings. Map below.


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