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Over the years I have devised a basic formula for identifying the key issues that need to be addressed with clients, and this invariably includes checking for spirit “passengers”. As I explain this to new clients, they sometimes give me a very old-fashioned look – but at the end of the session, when they feel lighter and brighter, and definitely by the next session by which time huge changes may have taken place , they just say, “Jude, it’s weird, but it works!”

The way I explain it to clients is this:

All of life and death is a cycle. When the physical body “dies”, the soul, or spirit, or essence, survives, and “goes home” – wherever that may be. After a period of rest, debriefing and defining the parameters, purpose and lessons of the life to come, that soul returns into a fresh incarnation, and the cycle begins all over again.

At the start of a new life, there are a couple of so-called “soft spots” or small holes in the skull of the baby, officially called fontanelle. These allow the bones of the skull to settle in after the pressure of being squeezed during birth. In spiritual terms, they are the “gateway” to that other dimension, where the soul came from -some say that there is a silver spiritual thread connecting the soul so that, in those early days, it can still move between the two worlds. As the hatches close, so the soul settles into a physical body. At the end of life, the hatches open again, easing travel between the dimensions and allowing the soul to prepare for its leaving. Indeed, sometimes when relatives visit older people in hospitals or care homes, they will comment that “he / she is not all here.” How true that is – the elderly person is already partly “there”! I like to say that the soul packs its suitcase, ready for a peaceful, gentle passing.

However, if the “death” is traumatic, and not planned at a soul level – a car crash perhaps, or a shooting – the soul has not had time to pack its suitcase, and is disoriented when it is forced to leave the body. Being pure energy, it looks around for another energy field on its own vibration or for one that appears to be warm and welcoming. We all have these energy fields, or auras, and with special cameras they can be photographed in all their glorious colour. So as the soul cannot find its way home, it finds another place to rest. The new host usually has no idea he or she is now carrying a passenger, and in most cases the incoming soul just curls up and goes to sleep. But sometimes it can makes its influence felt – and this is where issues arise.

I have clients saying things like, “I feel as though something’s come over me:” or “I don’t feel quite myself,” or “I want my old self back, please.” Perhaps they have noticed a marked change in their behaviour – irrational outbursts of anger or a sudden craving for a particular food; even an addiction. Identifying and helping those souls or spirit passengers to “go home” where they belong very often results in people saying they feel lighter, brighter and that “something has shifted”.

I always show these souls or spirit passengers the respect they are due, and handle them with love and compassion rather than with threats of punishment. It makes me very cross to see TV programmes where people treat lost souls with such disdain, there is no need for it and it shows a total lack of respect – just like circus animals – horrible.

This process has produced some wonderfully positive results, from the young lady who lost her craving for cakes and biscuits to the lady whose outbursts of anger vanished. Another young lady was astonished when she realised that the voices she had been hearing in her head turned out to be a group of spirit passengers who were particularly vocal, trying to persuade her to change her behaviours. And a young man in his mid-twenties with a serious gambling addiction turned up for his second session saying, “Since that first session (which included spirit release) I no longer feel the need to gamble.” Wow! Isn’t that a result and a half!

All in a day’s work …..

Spirit Release Work

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