Spirit “Passengers”

This is always a tricky topic to address. Some people refuse to discuss it at all, thinking it smacks of the work of the devil (whatever that is to them) or witchcraft. Others are (slightly) more open to the idea but don’t for one minute think it applies to them. And then there are those who understand the concept and accept that yes, that sudden change of behaviour or unexplained pain might just be caused by something as strange as a “spirit passenger”.

In some books these are referred to as “entities” or “spirit attachments”. I think these terms sound a bit threatening and alarming, so I am not surprised that people with little experience of things spiritual shy away from the very concept. I prefer to call them “passengers” because in most cases that is all they are.

What are they? Put simply, they are souls or spirits who have not passed over to the light as they should have done.

How does that happen? I like to explain it like this. Most people (of whatever age) know deep inside when they are nearing the end of their life. Just as the soul worked hard at the start of its physical incarnation to loosen the ties to the non-physical world, so now it will start to loosen the ties to the physical world and to open up the pathways to that non-physical realm. It is starting to pack its suitcase, ready for the journey home. Sometimes when people visit an elderly relative, they will say “he’s not all here, you know.” No, he’s not – because part of him has already gone home! So when the final breath comes, the soul simply picks up its suitcase and off it goes, peacefully and easily.

When the death is unexpected such as a car accident, for instance, or – sadly much more common nowadays – a shooting or a bombing – the soul has not packed its suitcase, it’s not ready to go. So it is lost, not knowing where to go. When this happens, the soul – being pure energy / vibration – will look around for someone whose energy field (or aura) matches its own vibration, or it will find someone whose energy field is so loving that it seems to have a Welcome sign on the door.

I met someone many years ago who had picked one up at the scene of a nasty traffic accdent: she and her mother had been passing on the other side of the motorway just after the accident and the lady had sent out loving thoughts to all those involved. Her warm, loving thought was enough to attract the spirit of a young man who had been killed there, it simply followed the beam back to a new home.

Very often, having found a new “home”, the spirit will simply curl up like a little dormouse and sleep peacefully. Sometimes, however, the spirit may makes its influence felt in a negative way. I have clients coming to me saying things like, “I don’t feel quite myself,” or “something’s come over me,” or “I want my old self back.”

The actual process is not complicated – the client is in a deep state of relaxation and I am working with the client’s unconscious and the spirits themselves, communicating with them and preparing them to “go home” to where they need to be for their continuing soul journey.

After such a session, the results can be remarkable. Clients have reported huge improvements in health or a complete change of diet. They say things like, “I feel like my old self,” or “I never realised how far off track I’d gone.” One client lost her craving for cakes and biscuits after such a session, and a young man lost his gambling addiction after just one session – both had been influenced by spirits.

The lady who picked up the spirit of the man killed in the traffic accident, for instance, found that she became aggressive and that all she wanted to eat was junk food. It was only two or three years later that she looked into the possibility of having a passenger, and when the spirit of the young motorcyclist was released and helped to the light, her behaviour and diet reverted almost instantly.

How many people have “passengers”? Hard to say. Some estimates say it could be around 90% of those wandering around the supermarket with you! So if you, or someone you know, has changed for no apparent reason, or if you feel that there’s just something not quite right – it could well be a passenger! Call me now on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512 or email me on:
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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.