Shifting Sand Syndrome – what on earth is going on?

There’s a lot going on “out there” around our beautiful planet, and wider afield. We are moving into a different part of the big wide beyond that has a higher vibration. The effects of this are already being felt in many ways, at many levels.

What has that got to do with you? Quite a lot, actually. Have you been feeling a bit odd recently? Not quite yourself? A bit more anxious or uncertain than you normally are? Or perhaps you just get the sense that things are changing all around you and you have no idea of what is going on …?

That is what I call “Shifting Sand Syndrome”. It’s as if you have stepped from a nice solid floor onto shifting sand. Nothing stays the same, everything is constantly, subtly, shifting right there under your feet so you don’t know where you are any more. You haven’t moved and yet nothing is the same …

The more sensitive, the more spiritual, you are, the more you are going to feel these effects, and they won’t always be pleasant. That’s part of the overall “crisis of change” which is an inevitable part of any┬áprocess of change. Don’t be alarmed by it, don’t go thinking you have lost the plot: far from it. Merely understanding what it is will help.

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