The client, a man in his early 50s, had suffered from bad psoriasis for almost 15 years. It affected various parts of his body – arms and elbows; back, legs and feet. He told me that on bad days, if he was driving, he would stop the car, take off his shoes and socks and scratch his feet until they bled – and still the itching would not go away. He had tried everything and was about to start a course of treatment with a chemo-type drug, something he was very reluctant to do, but also desperate to relieve the itching and soreness, as well as the appearance, of his psoriasis. A true Londoner, he told me frankly that he thought the idea of past lives was a load of old – well, you get the idea! In a deep state of relaxation I invited the client to go back to the root cause of this condition – where did it come from? He went back to a lifetime something over a century ago. He was a young boy of 7 or 8 who had gone into the local town to see a big bonfire and the fireworks. In a child’s voice he admitted he shouldn’t be there, he’d get told off. And then he said that he was in the fire, someone had pushed him into the bonfire. There was no crying, no screaming, it was all totally flat and devoid of emotion. I moved him forward in time, away from the fire and the devastating burns it had caused him. He told me he married his nurse, a lady called Anne (even though he called her ugly and laughed when I asked if he loved her!). His burns – and the pain – stayed with him until the end of his life. No wonder those residues carried forward to the current life. I worked with him to allow him to pass in peace, leaving the pain behind and cutting all ties with the current lifetime. Having done some work to cleanse and reinforce positive suggestions, the client was brought back to the present time. He was amazed. The experience had been totally real – all of his senses had been engaged during that lifetime. Was it all a load of old BS now? He couldn’t say. Just a few days later, he emailed me to say: “it’s a lot better. On a scale of 1 to 10 with one not being itchy at all, it’s usually at about a 6, but it has been 2 – 3. My feet are clearer, along with my elbows and knees.” And the progress continues – even less itching, more areas clearing. Now that’s what I call a result! So if you have a skin condition, or a nagging pain, or even a strange birthmark, that conventional medicines won’t touch – give me a call on 07597 020 512 – the solution could well be in a past life!

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And if you would like to hear – and see – the client himself talking about the improvement, follow the link:


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