The client came to me wanting to investigate a number of issues. She had been unable to conceive, and had suffered from severe bleeding from her womb, leading to an operation to remove some polyps. This all lowered her energy levels and left her feeling tired.

In a deep state of relaxation the client regressed to a past life where she was a young princess, daughter of the “Lord of all the Lands” in a country we would know as Greece. The young princess, in her early twenties, was queen of her own land too and ruled it well. And then her land was invaded. She was captured and stabbed in the stomach? Did her captors know that she was carrying a child, and that they killed that child as well as the mother?

It was an emotional session that ended with peaceful closure for that that young princess and her unborn child, and also a sense that something had shifted for the client.

Another example of how “this life” issues can be traced back to a past life, and laid to rest, allowing the “this life” person to move on.

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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.