With the ever-increasing challenge of obesity, bariatric surgery is becoming more common. While a gastric bypass operation or having a gastric band fitted can work for some people, there are risks associated with the procedures.

Those who have had a gastric bypass operation have to be especially careful. The type of food their digestive systems can process is radically narrowed, and complications are not unusual. The food that is taken into the system does not actually go through the stomach, so the body does not benefit from any of the nutrients or goodness. That is why, very often, vitamin and mineral supplements have to be taken, to make up the deficit.
If people lose weight too quickly, their bodies cannot adjust and the result is vast rolls of skin that hang, especially off the stomach and thighs. Sometimes this results in yet more surgery to remove it.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding is becoming very popular with those who have tried conventional diets and exercise without success but who do not want actual surgery.
The process is in four key stages:

  • discovering the root cause of holding on to weight
  • dealing with that, whatever that entails (if that is not done, I believe it’s like sticking a plaster over a festering wound)
  • “fitting the gastric band”
  • regular follow-ups to regulate the band and ensure all is well, exactly as with a physical gastric band.

This can be done in three sessions – it all depends what is uncovered along the way. Typically it would be as follows:

In the first session, I will take a lot of background information, and I will explain in full detail how the process works. Then I put the client into a deep state of relaxation and talk to his / her unconscious. With this technique, the unconscious will indicate which years we need to look at in order to “bring home” or “re-integrate” elements of the client’s soul that were splintered off during past traumas. Then it will indicate whether we need to investigate one or more past lives and, as the final stage of this first session, whether there are any spirit “passengers” that need to be helped to move on to their rightful home.

Many clients raise their eyebrows, ever so politely, when I explain this procedure. At the end of that first session – especially if there have been a couple of “passengers” to be released, their eyebrows may well raise again – but this time they say, “what on earth was all that about?” Sometimes clients actually feel a spirit leave, and will indicate where the “passenger” has been lodging – across their shoulders, perhaps, or in their chest cavity. Once the “passenger” has gone, there could well be a change in eating habits: one recent client lost her craving for cake and biscuits within 24 hours!

In the second session, we will tackle the process of re-integrating the splinters of the soul, bringing them home to create a new “whole”. Again, the feedback confirms that this leaves clients feeling “complete” – even though they would not have said there was anything wrong with them. It is all part of rediscovering the real inner “you”. We may have time to explore a past life in this session, or alternatively we would focus on that in a separate session: it is not a process to be dealt with lightly, and it demands respect. Typically we would uncover a life where the client has been hungry for whatever reason – famine, prison, siege . . .  and may even have died of starvation. Exploring that life again brings the understanding that those experiences and emotions belong to the past, and can be laid to rest with love and compassion.

After all of that – which for many falls into the “weird but it works” category -many clients find that their eating habits have changed completely and they feel much better in themselves. Usually their self-esteem rises, a lot of emotional baggage has been dumped along the way and they find that their fears and insecurities have gone.

If the client decides that he / she still wants to have the hypnotic gastric band fitted, then this is the next session. There are none of the risks of conventional bariatric surgery and, in addition, the client knows that all of the underlying emotional root causes have been dealt with, which allows him / her to move on with their life.

The actual procedure for “fitting the band” is quite simple: you will “undergo the operation” while in a deep state of relaxation. I will talk you through the operation so that your unconscious receives the correct messages and understands that the band is in place and what that means for your food intake. Clearly there will also be messages to reinforce the healthy functioning of the body as a whole and the digestive system in particular. Follow-up is important here, and regular check-ups to adjust the band if required.

This does not mean that you can eat junk food, or ignore exercise: what it does do is reduce the amount of food that goes into the smaller stomach space created by the operation, so you feel fuller sooner.

I offer Hypnotic Gastric Banding as outlined above for a package price of £595 – around 10%  of the cost of a surgical gastric band at a private hospital.

What’s not to like?

Listen to what “Trish” has to say about her experience of having a hypnotic gastric band fitted.

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