Obesity is one of the main health concerns of our time. It is – if you’ll forgive the pun – a growing problem.


pear with tape measure, portraitThere are those who are, actually, not overweight at all but feel that they are fat and ugly and hate themselves for it.

Then there are others – many others – who genuinely are overweight and are suffering from a range of health issues as a result.

Faddy diets, yo-yo weight loss and gain and sporadic spurts at the gym don’t benefit the body in the long term.
Some people are turning to surgery – gastric bypass or gastric banding operations.
If you have weight issues and have decided that it’s time to shed the physical – and emotional – baggage – read on!

Obesity is one of the major health challenges of our modern society, causing a wide variety of illnesses and costing millions in healthcare.


HamburgerPart of the problem is the typical sedentary lifestyle – we sit in a car or on a bus or on a train to get to work; we sit at a desk all day and then we sit on a sofa all evening watching TV. Many people eat too much processed food, loaded with unhealthy fats, salt and sugar.

So too much wrong food and lack of exercise are fundamental causes of obesity – but there are often other, deep-rooted, reasons why certain people find it impossible to lose weight, or who eat compulsively.

It is these root causes that I explore with anyone who comes to me with weight issues.


stylized woman in swimsuitThe logic of the unconscious may seem odd and yet it is very powerful. Some women, for instance, will hold on to weight, especially around their tummies, because when they were slimmer, they were more attractive. They attracted a partner who then left them or hurt them in some other way. The logic of the unconscious is that if the woman puts on weight, she will no longer be attractive, therefore she will not get hurt again – the excess weight is a way of saying, “don’t come too close.” It becomes a form of protection. Other women may still be grieving for their unborn baby if a pregnancy was terminated for whatever reason. These may seem fanciful – but experience shows otherwise.


Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 3.53.58 PMChildren who have been bullied at home or at school may well build a wall to protect themselves from physical or verbal abuse, and this manifests physically as being overweight. Equally, children who have been abused from a young age will need that protection too.

It may even be that the root cause is not in this life at all. If you starved to death in a previous life, and died with the thought that you would never again go without food, that is a very powerful impression or instruction to your unconscious, which will do all it can to ensure you don’t go without food. Again, it may seem fanciful or nonsensical – and yet my own experience has shown how strongly such past life experiences can influence our behaviour this time round.

It is important to see your doctor if you have a weight problem, to make sure it is not a symptom of a more serious medical condition. 

There are various techniques for tackling compulsive eating or eating the wrong things and the one used will depend on the individual situation. Often, getting to the root cause and sorting that out is sufficient to allow the weight to fall away – “I don’t need that protection any more.” In other cases, positive suggestions regarding body image and portion control can help enormously.

If the root cause goes back to a past life, finding and understanding what happened then removes the instruction to the unconscious and resolves the issue in the here and now.

For more information about Hypnotic Gastric Banding, please refer to the dedicated page.

Check the short clips to hear what clients have to say about losing weight with my mix of hypnotherapy, past life and spirit release work.

“Trish” talks about her spirit passenger and the effect it had on her eating habits

“Trish” talks about a past life and how it affected her weight problem


“Trish” talks about reintegration of soul fragments


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