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For some time I did not even tell people that I did spirit release work – it was considered too “over there”, too “way out, spooky, witchy” for a respectable therapist to talk about, let alone do.

But as time passed and my clients and I saw the amazing results that were achieved when spirit “passengers” were released, I realised that I had to explain more openly what I was doing and what it was all about.

When I was learning the techniques of spirit release, my mentor told me that some 95% of people wandering around the local supermarket had a couple of spirit “passengers”. I was amazed, I had never thought of it as such a common occurrence. But my own experiences are absolutely in line with that – around 95% of clients have a couple of “passengers” and they feel much lighter, brighter and able to move on with their lives when these “passengers” have also been moved on.

I really want to emphasise that there is nothing strange or unnatural about these spirit “passengers” – in fact they are a natural part of life. They are lost souls, who have left a physical body but who have not moved over to that other realm of energy. Usually when someone is nearing the end of his / her life, they know it, and the body prepares at every level for the passing. Indeed often relatives will say, “she’s not all here.” No she’s not – her soul is already preparing the path and the passing. However, when death is sudden and unexpected – a car crash, for instance, or a bombing or a shooting – the soul has not prepared, has not “packed its suitcase” and is disorientated. Forced out of the body with the shock of death, the soul has lost its way and does not know how to “go home”. It looks for somewhere to find shelter. As an energetic force, it looks for welcoming energy or perhaps a similar vibe will attract it, someone else (literally) on the same wavelength.

The person who is the new “host” feels nothing as the soul arrives, and most souls curl up peacefully and sleep. Some, however, make their presence known and begin to exert their influence. This can result in changes of mood; food cravings; allergies; or even phobias.

I often have clients who say things like, “I don’t feel myself recently,” or “I feel as though something’s come over me,” or “I’ve changed, and I don’t like it.” These are all lightbulb phrases to me, signals that there may well be a spirit “passenger” lurking and causing mischief.

The process to uncover a “passenger” is relatively straightforward – but is not a game to be played at home. I work with the client’s unconscious and my own intuition to find and talk with the spirit “passenger”. Inevitably there is a story which deserves to be told. There are frequently tears, sometimes a bit of an outburst – occasionally the odd expletive or two – but there is only one outcome, and that is that the spirit “passenger” goes home to where it ought to be.

Most recently, releasing spirit “passengers” got rid of one client’s “hay fever”, another’s inappropriate outbursts of anger, and yet another’s craving for cakes and biscuits. In the past, releasing spirit “passengers” has helped clients to overcome their fear of applying for promotion in a job; got rid of a sudden smoking habit; and improved personal relationships.
For one young man, it even stopped dead his gambling habit.

It is a gentle, non-invasive process that leaves the client feeling lighter, brighter and definitely as though something has shifted. Whatever the issue a client comes to me with now, I always check for spirit “passengers” as part of the package, and very often we find that releasing the one or the few will make a huge difference.

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I live in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre, also in Haywards Heath.