Hypnotherapy – how can it help you?

Most people nowadays understand that hypnotherapy can help  with giving up smoking, weight loss, bad habits such as fingernail biting, fears and phobias and so on.

But not so many realise that hypnotherapy can help with a much wider range of issues, as a couple of very recent case studies show.

In the first, the client was an energetic entrepreneur, who had built up a successful business. He accepted the usual high levels of stress that came with the job, but did not like the underlying anxiety that constantly nagged at him. He had sought help from conventional medical professionals who had prescribed pills, and from counsellors. Still the anxiety nagged. Hypnotherapy was the last resort and, whilst not downright cynical, the businessman was not overly confident.

Ideo-Motor Responses are the way in which the client’s unconscious communicates with the therapist. They indicated that the root cause of the anxiety was in a previous life. Further investigation uncovered that the client, in that previous lifetime, was incarcerated in an oubliette, a small, dank, underground cell with only rats and cockroaches for company. After several years in these dreadful circumstances, the man died a miserable death: enough, surely, to imprint the trauma in his soul for lifetimes to come.

When he came round from his session, he was astounded at the experience but could not deny the feeling of “lightness” as the cloud of anxiety lifted.

A lady in her mid-thirties had suffered from psoriasis for as long as she could remember. Far from growing out of it, it seemed to be getting worse, affecting not only her skin but also her head and hair. She, too, had gone through many conventional treatments, to no avail. She tried hypnotherapy in desperation. Ideo-Motor Responses took the therapist back to early childhood and abuse within the family. This was a very emotional insight for the client, whose unconscious had successfully blocked the incidents from her conscious memory. Once the root causes had been discovered and dealt with, and many tears had been shed, the client felt drained but happy. And sure enough, in a matter of a couple of weeks, the psoriasis was already clearing up with no sign of scarring – at any level.

So if you have a problem or issue that conventional medicine has not been able to help with – give me a call: hypnotherapy may well be able to help!

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