How could exploring a past life help you?

For many people, the idea that an issue that is troubling them in this lifetime may be traced back to a past life is a load of old …. rubbish.

But actually, past life traumas can have enormous influence on the here and now, as my recent work at the College of Psychic Studies clearly showed.

For instance, a lady with a fear of heights found a life where he was a young boy of 3 or 4 years old. His mother had specifically told him not to climb the big oak tree in the garden – but of course he did, and as he climbed along a high-up branch, he fell and broke his leg. No wonder there’s a fear of heights!

A lady was very reluctant to get behind the wheel even though she had passed her driving test and needed to drive. She found a past life as a bus driver who died as a result of a crash in his bus.

Another lady who in this life had a very complicated relationship with her father, and who was fearful of becoming pregnant found a past life where she was an 18-year old girl. The girl became pregnant, even though she was not married, and she ran away because she was so frightened that her father would find out. In her panic and running away, she fell into a rocky ravine and died.

The more work I do with Past Lives for Healing, the more I love it. Once we have found the relevant past life (and the unconscious always leads us to the most appropriate past life), we can achieve closure and that allows the client to move on, free from the fears, phobias or other issues.

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I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.