Going with the Flow: easier said than done!

Have you been feeling a bit out of sorts recently? Are you suffering from what I call “shifting sand syndrome”? It’s as though you’re not standing on solid ground any more, that at any time someone could whip the rug from under your feet and then where would you be?

All the turmoil surrounding Brexit is, I believe, symptomatic of much wider, broader changes and upheaval that is happening “out there” in the Universe. Please don’t stop reading because I have used that word “Universe” – this is to do with you too. ┬áDo you believe that what happens “out there” has nothing to do with you? You know that the Moon has a definite effect on our beautiful planet – the ebb and flow of the tide, for instance, let alone the proven effect on behaviour of many people at full moon – so it is not so daft to assume that other planets, and the Universe as a whole, impacts us in some way.

Without wishing to get too whacky (although I do a nice line in whacky), the planet is moving into a different part of the solar system and we are all shifting up a gear or two. We have also gone from the Age of Pisces, which was all about fear-based power, greed, money and control, into the Age of Aquarius, which is all about compassion, sharing, caring and looking after each other: couldn’t be more different, so it’s bound to be a bit bumpy. It’s no coincidence that Pisces was very much male-dominated and Aquarius is all about female energy: just look at what is happening in UK politics right now, a female Prime Minister and probably a network of female leaders around Europe taking us forward.

fast-flowing riverPerhaps you have been feeling more emotional or tired than usual; more headaches or joint aches; mood swings, feelings of apathy, listlessness and so on? Yup, that’s it. The Powers that Be have not yet stuck a label on it, so be careful, you could be prescribed all sorts of medication that you don’t really need. What’s the answer? Sorry to say, the solution is to go with the flow. These massive changes mean that things will not go back to how they were, and we need to have the courage to let go and – yes – go with the flow. Not easy, I know, we don’t know where the flow will take us.

What has all this to do with hypnotherapy, you may ask? Quite a lot, actually. Because people who are feeling the impact, the effects of all these changes don’t know where to turn for help. “Pull yourself together” is not an answer. Tranquillisers don’t do it. It’s at a deeper, soul level that people are agitated, and only soul-level work can help. Hypnotherapy – the way that I use it – works with the unconscious, or your inner self, to access that soul level. There is no “cure” for this condition, but understanding what is happening, and putting the physical, mental and emotional levels of the body back into balance helps enormously.

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