Drinking and Hypnotherapy

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-18-24-55“I do find society’s attitude to alcohol very paradoxical. The whole of the western world is geared to the encouragement of the consumption of alcohol, but at the same time we loathe, denigrate and pity alcoholics. How can that be right? We use pretty much every opportunity as an excuse to have a drink. We know that alcohol is a poison so we drink to the edge of falling off that cliff. People work to the premise that having a hangover is acceptable. Is this some kind of perverse self-discipline?
Alcohol is poisonous. It completely wrecks our internal systems. It screws you yet we crave more.”

Those eloquent words come from a client I have worked with over several years, and who has not had any alcohol for more than a year now.

The client calls it paradoxical; I would say hypocritical. Alcohol is openly sold everywhere –  corner newsagents, petrol screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-18-19-15stations, convenience stores, supermarkets – and even specialist wine shops. It is freely advertised and frequently discounted. “Having a drink” is considered sociable, “the done thing” – and yet, as my client observed, pity the person who finds they cannot control the habit. Alcoholics are considered below contempt, lacking willpower and self-control. The message seems to be, “drink as much as you can, go right up to the wire, and we’ll tell you it’s fine, you’re one of us. But step over, fall down that abyss and you’re out.”

Those on the road to alcoholism find themselves becoming increasingly devious in hiding the habit, cunning in concealing the empties. The habit can destroy not only the life of the drinker but also those around him or her

There is no magic wand remedy for alcoholism, not even with hypnotherapy.
But it could well be that someone who is drinking more than is good for them is carrying a spirit “passenger” who likes the taste of alcohol. Or it could be that abuse or trauma early in this life – or in a previous life – holds the key to this destructive, addictive behaviour.

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