Welcome to Effective Hypnotherapy with me, Judy Sharp!

Thank you for finding your way to my website – www.effective-hypotherapy.co.uk.

Jude new pic screen shotMy name is Judy Sharp. I blend clinical hypnotherapy with past life and spirit release work to create a very powerful and highly-effective process for helping people with a wide variety of issues including:
fears and phobias
pain control
general anxiety
stress management
stopping smoking
issues with weight control
hypnotic gastric banding
sudden changes in behaviour
certain addictive behaviour patterns
I feel I need to clarify who I am as some people have been in touch recently a tad confused about the use of the phrase Effective Hypnotherapy.

Giving up Smoking – What’s Stopping You?

We all know that smoking is not good for your health. The toxins in the tobacco poison your system and can be directly responsible for  serious breathing problems or even lung cancer.

If you want to give up smoking – if you REALLY want to give up smoking – it can be done, usually in one session, maximum two.

I’m happy to chat with you beforehand, either on the phone or in person, if that would help.

cigarette stubbed outThen in one 2-hour session you could easily become a non-smoker: how great would that be! Think of all the benefits – your body starts to heal itself; you don’t smell like a stale ashtray; you will have more energy; there will be more money in your pocket to spend on yourself, your family, your friends …

I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre in Haywards Heath, and a two-hour session with me costs £95. How many packets of cigarettes is that for you?

Call me now and let’s talk it through – 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.

Stop Smoking: Talk at Vinings Natural Health Centre, Haywards Heath, on Sunday 19th April

The “home base” for my therapy work is Vinings Natural Health Centre, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
On Sunday 19th April, from 10am to 4pm, there is a Taster Day there, and some of the therapists will be giving short talks about aspects of their work.
I’m on at 10.30am, talking about how effective hypnotherapy is with clients who want to give up smoking, how it works and so on. Just last Saturday I met a lovely man and his wife and we talked about just that – he should give up, he knows his health is suffering, the doctor has told him to stop. And yet … and yet … he doesn’t really want to stop. He likes it. And all the time that is where he’s at, it won’t work. Shame.

If you can make it along to Vinings Natural Health Centre on Sunday 19th April, it would be great to see you. We are raising money for the lovely local hospice, St Peter & St James, so all donations are welcome!