Bitcoin Investors turning to Hypnosis ….

Well, yes, if you’ve invested in Bitcoin, and watched it go up in value over the past few years, it must be very frustrating if you’ve lost your passwords and can’t get at your Bitcoins to cash them in or even spend them!

Hypnosis works by by-passing the conscious mind and allowing the therapist to go direct to the unconscious mind, where everything is stored away, safe and sound. The numberplate of the car that cut you up at the roundabout last week; the password to your internet bank account you thought you would remember; the telephone number of that really interesting person you met at the party … and your Bitcoin passwords.

The process is simple, painless and non-invasive. If you’ve lost or forgotten your Bitcoin passwords – or any other passwords, come to that – give me a call. My numbers are:  01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512. Or email me on: .

I’m based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and I work from Vinings Natural Health Centre, also in Haywards Heath.