A standard part of my work now is releasing spirits who have become attached to clients for one reason or another. There is nothing “spooky” or “bizarre” about this: it happens, it can be dealt with very easily, and both the lost spirit and the client can move on their respective pathways.

I remember my teacher and mentor, Dr Keith Hearne, saying once that he reckoned 95% of people in any given supermarket had at least one spirit passenger. My experience here in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, confirms that totally – the vast majority of my clients have a couple of spirit passengers, and some have had many more.

A young lady came to see me recently because she wanted a hypnotic gastric band. We talked it through, she thought about it, and decided she wanted to go ahead. My approach is always to start by finding the real reasons why a client is holding onto excess weight. At the first session, I discovered a spirit passenger, and sent her to her rightful home. At the end of the session, the client was amazed, and said that she physically felt something shift from the back of her neck. “It feels naked there now,” she said.

A couple of days later she sent me a text message to say that she had bought her usual two bars of chocolate on her way into work, as her breakfast – but had not eaten them. In fact by lunchtime, instead of her usual consumption of chocolate, cakes and crisps, she had only had one small snack. “I can’t wait for the next session!” she said.

So – has she been eating for two all these years? Did her spirit passenger have a sweet tooth? Conventional bariatric surgery does not consider such possibilities and you can see for yourself what complications that may lead to . . .

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