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Welcome to the home of Effective Hypnotherapy. My name’s Judy Sharp: I’m delighted that you’ve found me and I hope that you find what you feel you need Jude new pic screen shothere.

You’ll find lots of information on the site about hypnotherapy; about me; and about the way I work. That’s important: if you are looking for a therapist, it’s because you have an issue that you would like to resolve.

There are a lot of hypnotherapists around, and we all work in slightly different ways, so it is important to find one with whom you are comfortable, one you can work with. Take time to do this – talk with a few therapists before making up your mind: no professional will object to that. The journey that your therapy will take you on is intense and invariably emotional: choose your guide for that journey carefully!

My mantra when I am working is: Find the Root Cause. Resolve the Issues. Move on with Your Life.

People come to me with a wide range of issues, from obesity, pain control and anxiety to fears & phobias and a general feeling of being lost. With all of them, part of the healing process is making them whole again, at every level: physical, mental and emotional. I firmly believe that true healing can only take place when the soul is whole.

I don’t believe in the “quick fix” or “sticking a plaster” on a problem and hoping it will go away. Rather, I help the client to trace back the true root cause of the issue, following the thread wherever it may take us, and then we deal with it at source. This gives full closure, and allows the client to move on with his / her life. Sometimes that thread takes us back to childhood, sometimes to a past life: wherever it goes, we follow. Even those who have been skeptical or downright disbelieving about reincarnation “and all that stuff” have had experiences that not only shook their beliefs but resolved their issues in the process!

Someone who has lost their way can be re-united with their Soul Group, some of whom may be with them in this lifetime too: there are always a few surprises there! They can re-connect with that sense of purpose, that “knowing” why they are here, and what they have set themselves to achieve this time round. This can also be very emotional work and it can provide valuable insights into challenges and situations being faced in this lifetime with health, money, relationship or career issues. I’m passionate about helping people to identify and resolve the issues that are holding them back, so they can move on more positively with their lives.

I live in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and I work primarily from Vinings Natural Health Centre here in Haywards Heath.

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If you like the sound of the way I work, why not give me a call on 01444 459 433 or07597 020 512:   I’m always happy to chat about whatever issues may be holding you back.


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