In my work, I am not a strict clock-watcher: I don’t work to a so-called “therapist’s hour” of 50 minutes for a Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 3.37.15 PMsession. For me the most important thing is that the work with the client is completed.

I am always willing to meet for an initial chat before starting a programme of work, especially for something major such as gastric banding. This is free of charge and can be as informal as a chat in a coffee shop (the coffee is on me) or a bit more formal in the therapy room, as you wish.

For all types of work, the very first session will be given over to me taking a full case history from you, talking about the problem that needs to be resolved, checking where relevant any medical conditions and so on. It is your chance to ask questions (you can do that at any session of course, but generally clients have some queries that they like to have sorted out before we start) and I will explain how the session/s will work.

I will then put you into a deep state of relaxation (some call this hypnotic trance) and do some basic preparation work for the sessions that will follow. This allows you to experience the process of being put into this lovely deep state of relaxation and also permits me to see how easily you respond. While you are in this state of relaxation I shall be talking to your unconscious and your unconscious will be communicating back to me: this sets the agenda for the following sessions.

This first session takes two hours – it is not to be rushed. It is important that you, as the client, feel that you have all the time you need to explain, get things off your chest, download whatever it is that has brought you to my door. This is, in fact, a key part of the healing process, and is not to be brushed aside as “just talk”.

Other sessions are usually two hours as well – there is generally a lot to be done!


My fee is £150 for a full two-hour session.




Permission from your medical professional is required before proceeding with Hypnotic Gastric Banding, or proof that you are otherwise fit (ie cholesterol, blood pressure etc).

The various steps of the Gastric Band Process are described under Weight Control & Hypnotic Gastric Banding.

I used to charge a standard package price for this, but experience has shown that not all clients actually want or need the gastric band following sessions to uncover the real root cause of holding on to weight. So I now just charge by the session, and clients know that I am always available for free-of-charge telephone follow-ups if needed.




I generally allow a full two hours for a typical session, and the fee for this is £120



This can usually be done in just one session – much depends on how much the client REALLY wants to give up, and how open he / she is to the process. As with gastric banding, I no longer work with a “package price” – the fee is £120 for a two-hour session, and if we need a second session to drive the message home into the unconscious, then that is offered at a reduced rate.